Prey 2 getting the axe?

In a rumor sparked by Dutch site, the upcoming sci-fi shooter Prey 2 may have been cancelled. While Bethesda remains silent on the matter, PSFocus claims that they will be making an official announcement sometime next week.

It’s impossible to say exactly where PSFocus is getting this inside information, but it does seem to have some credibility; they note that several GDC talks from developers at Human Head Studios, the game’s developer, were cancelled at nearly the last minute. The game’s official Facebook page has also been suspiciously silent since December of last year.

If true, this is definitely sad news for Prey fans and, indeed, any fans of quality sci-fi shooting action. By all accounts it seemed to be an impressive bit of software, but it seems as though it has fallen, ahem, prey to some brand of development hell. Here’s wishing everyone over at Human Head well.


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