Forsaken World: Storms of War Released

Perfect World Entertainment has released an expansion for its game Forsaken World called Storms of War. It will bring plenty of new features and content that players are sure to enjoy. Here is a break down on what you can expect from Storms of War. Epic Guild Battles: Guilds will be able to battle each other in battles as large as 100 vs 100 in the Immortal Rift. Explore New Instances: The Aeon Spire- Enter this stronghold of the Storm Legion in southeast Kalaires and unravel the secrets of Khnum’s hold over Eyrda. Gauntlet of Storms: Defeat the 4 bosses inside this challenging dungeon up to 100 times/week for special drops that allow you to purchase and upgrade to the elite Champion’s gear.  There are also new arena times! Go Shopping in the Shylia Market:This store has items for everyone. Press H and click the button labeled “Shylia Market” to access the rewards for leveling. This system is retroactive, so you won’t miss out on anything. Spend some time going through the other tabs to see what kinds of rewards await you. Show Your Devotion: Be rewarded for Devotion and Dedication by participating in daily events, or simply by logging in on a daily basis.

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