Best Free WoW Clones

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG games of all-time.  But does that mean you should pay for it?  Or are there other games that offer that same great MMO experience at a fraction of the cost?  There are plenty of free to play titles that work as great alternatives to WoW, and many are of the same extremely high quality that you would expect from a game with a subscription fee.  So I promise you, that you don’t have to pay $14.99 a month to get the WoW experience, and here is a list of some of the best Warcraft clones around.

[heading] Allods Online [/heading]

Allods Online Gameplay

Allod’s Online is the premiere free to play clone of World of Warcraft. The game plays and feels just like Wow that the so called clone title almost makes perfect sense in this case. That high-wuality cartoony feel that you love in WoW, that awesome interface and the superior mechanics that you love in WoW, along with the great quests that you enjoy have all found there way in to Allods Online. Now for those hoping to get something a little different, Allods Online has that as well. And i’d hate to give it all away now, just go enjoy it for yourself!
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[heading] Runes of Magic [/heading]

Runes of Magic Gameplay

Runes of magic is another game that many call an exact clone of WoW. Now it’s arguable that the game does have very similar gameplay and graphics, it does have a huge amount of original content and has gone through many a great update since its inception. One of the most innovative features that Runes of Magic has that World of Warcraft doesn’t have, is their dual-class system. That system alone is one reason to give the game a try!
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[heading] Gates of Andaron [/heading]

Gates of Andaron Gameplay

Gates of Andaron was released well before both Allods and RoM and in many ways suffers for that fact. The visuals are a bit outdated and much of the gameplay was a direct rip off of WoW. But don’t get me wrong, Gates of Andaron still offers an epically huge MMO world that rivals that of WoW. There are plenty of quests and plenty of zones to take advantage on while you are leveling up that you may not even notice some of the small shortcomings the game has to offer.
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[heading] Neo Online [/heading]

Neon Online Gameplay

Neo Online is a relative newcomer compared to the previous few I’ve mentioned. With being a newer game there are many great qualities. You’ll notice right away the beautiful graphics and a somewhat unique classless system. What that means is that you can develop your character in any way you wish. Whether you want to use magic or be DPS or a tank or healer, or a little of each. The game also boasts a robust crafting system along with numerous PvP options available to the players.

[heading] Earth Eternal [/heading]

Earth Eternal Gameplay

I’m throwing this one into the mix here as well because of the fact that it is available right in your browser. I know, it sounds far-fetched, but you can get that same WoW experience directly in your browser. The game is detailed enough, and has many playable races and customization options to get you busy creating your character. There is also some great gameplay available in Earth Eternal and though some may consider this a ‘light’ WoW, it still packs quite a punch for being available in your browser.

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