Forsaken World – War Of Shadows Expansion Release Date

Perfect World Entertainment, developers of the popular action MMO RaiderZ, have just announced the release date for the highly anticipated Forsaken World expansion. Forsaken World: War of Shadows will be available to all players, across all servers, on December 12th 2012. The update introduces an exciting array of features such as a new playable race in the form of the Lycan’s, several new dungeons and a complete overhaul of a variety of skills and talents.

“The War of Shadows expansion will change Forsaken World forever with the addition of the Lycan race,” says SeniorProduct Manager Mark Hill “With the launch of this expansion, players can also look forward to new challenges and rewards in the form of group and solo dungeons, as well as a newly balanced skill and talent

A new video has also been released to highlight some of the more exciting features from the upcoming expansion. Forsaken World is already considered to be one of Perfect World Entertainment’s leading MMO games, and with even more content provided by the War of Shadows expansion, it’s looking to get even more popular in coming months.

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