Free Games Like Minecraft

Minecraft is a great game, but it?s not for everyone. Whether you just played as much of it as you can stand or you are just looking for a game with similar mechanics, you?re in luck. Here are five games like the LEGO rip-off Minecraft that will surely scratch that same itch and probably get you re-hooked on the sandbox-building genre you love!


If you are the type that got into the genre because you love playing LEGO, then this game is right up your alley. Roblox is a mixture between a mini-game site and a social networking in which players can build and explore Lego-like worlds while enjoying the company of other players. Roblox has no game-goals, but encourages creativity and socialization. The game allows players to construct and develop their own world, but they must learn a scripting language called Lua. For those interested and with enough patience, Roblox represents an interesting game.
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[heading]Ace of Spades[/heading]

You may think that guns made of textured cubes would not seem very realistic. Well you’d be wrong! Ace of Spades make cubes into realistic looking guns, with recoil and great fast-paced shooting action that you may have seen in Team Fortress. The game has a World War II type setting and allows you to build defensive positions from the destructible blocks placed around the world. You build everything from scratch and will constantly create and update new battle items to help you beat your enemies!
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Once you have correctly pronounced this title you have won the game! No! But this game may be one of the main sources of inspiration that Notch’s epic game came from. Infinimer was the first game that allowed players to construct and search for textured cubed objects in a 3D virtual world. The game was built with the idea to provide a team-based competitive environment by excavating precious jewels being the means to win the game.
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Cubelands is really one of the best free games that lives up to Minecraft. This game has an infinite world that allows players plenty of design features and options. This is truly an online building game that lets you build any architectural structure that you can think of. The game uses Unity 3D technology which really lets you create amazing virtual worlds for you and your friends. The best part of the game is that it really looks more realistic than Minecraft, which makes your structures feel like what you’d see in your everyday life.
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[heading]Minetest C55[/heading]

This free Minecraft clone doesn’t rely heavily on specs, which means you can play this game on nearly any computer, even many netbooks. The versatility is great and it offers a full multiplayer gaming experience without the heavy workload. The developers update this game constantly and take the game very seriously.
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