Free Rainbow Flight Available For Limited Period In City Of Heroes

Perfect World Entertainment today send out a reminder for all spandex-loving City of Heroes players as the free Rainbow Flight travel power promotion is nearing its final day as the event ends Monday, June 20th. If you’ve been looking for a way to inject a bit more color into your favorite hero designs, or maybe you just fancy a new way to fly through the skies of Millennium City, this exciting promotion is for you.

[quote cite=”Daybreak Games”]Looking for a high-flying way to get around Millennium City? This weekend only, we’re making the Rainbow Flight travel power FREE for a limited time!

From now until Monday, June 20th, 2016, log in and claim your Rainbow Flight from the C-Store. This is a permanent and account-wide unlock, and is normally 525 ZEN.

Make sure to get your Rainbow Flight fast, though, because this promotion ends on Monday 6/20 at 10am PDT![/quote]

As the official website states, you have until Monday at 10am PDT to login and claim the free Rainbow Flight travel power from the C-Store, after which it will return to its normal premium price of 525 ZEN.

Source: Official Website

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  1. City of Heroes is dead, like years dead for one. Secondly its for Champions Online, and thirdly its from Perfect World Entertainment/Cryptic Studios not NC Soft and definitely not from Daybreak Games. Whomever wrote this article needs to find a new job cause they do not know anything about games and their companies.

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