Gaia Interactive, Announces Their Latest Title – Heralds of Chaos

Gaia Interactive, creators of the hit Monster Galaxy, recently announced their latest title – Heralds of Chaos, a free-to-play browser-based strategy game which incorporates elements from 4X game play, collectible card and miniatures games. The game features a synchronous PvP mode as well as a PvE campaign mode and it has been created for fans of strategy and collectible card games. Players will be able to choose heralds from three epic factions and battle for domination of an ever-changing world. In addition, they may summon units to do battle, cast powerful spells and customize their armies from hundreds of cards available.

?Heralds of Chaos takes the best elements of table top gaming and delivers a fun, strategic and dynamic game that?s ideal for online play? said Mike Sego, CEO at Gaia Interactive.

Starting today players will have the opportunity to sign up to participate in a Beta program for Heralds of Chaos. By signing up players will have the unique opportunity to be the first to play the game and also participate in feedback sessions to help influence future game development. Heralds of Chaos was developed in collaboration with Fire Opal Media, a full-scope design firm with senior designers who have worked on Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. With the collective experience of Gaia Interactive and Fire Opal Media, Heralds of Chaos(TM) promises to deliver an exceptional visual and strategic online gaming experience.

Heralds of Chaos Trailer

To sign up for the Heralds of Chaos beta or learn more about the game, please visit?

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