Sevencore Will Enter Open Beta on September 6

The Buggers have been squashed and the reports have been submitted:?Sevencore?is ready for open beta on September 6. The new MMORPG from?gPotato?offers players a unique mounted combat system and the power to take full control of in-game regions.

Every player selects their first permanent mount after exiting the starting city and receives a companion who will complement their battle strategy in addition to cutting down travel time. Mounts in Sevencore can fight independently with their own skills and abilities, allowing a low defense character to soak damage with a tanky pet or speed through mobs faster with a high DPS mount. Increase your selection by defeating challenging world bosses and special dungeon quests to earn even more mounts in-game.

Guilds are free and easy to join, offering numerous benefits such as passive buffs and the ability to engage in open world PvP with declared enemy guilds. Guilds that strike the right balance between expansion and power will be able to challenge each other for control of Sevencore?s five starting regions in Occupation Wars. Summon fire-breathing dragons and giant, bone-crushing dinosaurs to win the weekly 20 vs. 20 battles that determine who will rule.

Take the reins of power when Sevencore enters OBT on September 6! Find out more about the game?s many exciting features on Sevencore?s?official website.

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