Do Games Get Announced Too Early – MMOpinion

Now I have mixed feelings on this.  One on hand it’s great to hear about new games and new technology and build up hype for a game.  With the amount of time and money that developers put into their titles they want people to build up anticipation for their next hit game.  They want you to read articles and watch videos and interviews so that you’ll be more excited about that game than every other release that is going on that year.

On the other hand sometimes games are announced way too early, several years before release.  In that case the game usually has so much more work to be done, that anything they are announcing may or may not even be in the final release.  This may build up so much that it causes a disappointment in the fans that have been following it and may hurt sales for future titles as well.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think games get announced way too early?  Do you think there is a certain amount of time that would lead to a good amount of follow up and still make it fresh for the gamers?  6 months out?  1 year out?

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