Mabinogi – Update Allows Same-sex Marriages

The Nexon developed MMO, Mabinogi, will soon receive the Classic Patch update announced earlier this month, which is set to bring a wide variety of changes to the game. While each valuable in their own right, perhaps the most surprising and noteworthy of them all is the lifting of the marriage gender restrictions.

Marriages have become an integral part of the Mabinogi experience as the game has now played host to over 67,000 ceremonies since the game?s launch back in 2008. Serving to more fully immerse the player in the world, each of these marriages, by requirement, was between a male and a female character. However, with the release of the Classic Patch, this is all set to change through the introduction of same-sex marriages.

Fans of the game actually drove the idea into being, as it was through their overwhelming response that the feature was developed. Noting on the importance of fan driven content, Mabinogi producer Teddy Kim stated:

?When players speak out about specific content, we do our best to deliver. That is the great thing about Mabinogi; it allows players fully immerse themselves in the lives they take on in-game. Players can get married, fight dragons, become musicians or learn to cook. We think that opening up the wedding system to same gender characters is fully in the spirit of offering nearly limitless options to our players.?

Interestingly enough, the inclusion of same-sex marriages will only be seen in the North American versions of the game.

Other features of the Classic Patch include:

  • Stat cap raised from 999 to 1,500
  • Puppetry talent added
  • Bone Dragon mount
  • Talent system now replaces Destiny system
  • Several new skills added, including: mining, milking, sheep sheering, etc.
  • So much more?

The update is said to be released in the coming days. For a complete list of the features you?ll find with the Classic Patch release, head on over to Mabinogi?s site.

Looking to play? Look no further. Click on the link below to sign up and begin ? and maybe even pursue some marital bliss of your own.

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