Gazillion Reveal Big Plans For Marvel Heroes 2016

Gazillion Entertainment today revealed an exciting list of upcoming content set to release with the rebranding of the free-to-play superhero MMO, Marvel Heroes 2016. Players will be treated to a huge variety of new content throughout 2016 including a brand new story arc, vastly improved graphics and support for controllers.

The first deployment of the Marvel Heroes 2016 content is set to launch in December, and will bring with it the bulk of the new content heading into the new year.


  • New leaderboards will be introduced, giving players interesting activities to complete every day
  • Battle Kl’rt and his legion of alien Skrulls will present players with exciting new content in the Secret Invasion story chapter
  • One of the most requested features from the community, controller support will arrive in December
  • Characters introduced in the original launch window of Marvel Heroes in 2013 will be revamped with visual improvements and upgrades
  • New Steam Achievements will introduce nearly 100 new unlocks for players to chase
  • The current Mac beta, which has been ongoing for over a year, will end and enter official release


Following the December launch of Marvel Heroes 2016, Gazillion Entertainment will introduce a new raid, the Thanos Raid, and a new Patrol Zone in the form of the Savage Land.

Source: Press Release

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