Magerealm Welcomes Epic 5v5 Arena Mode

GTArcade are inviting players to enter the fray in an all-new and exciting game mode for the fantastical free-to-play MMORPG game, Magerealm. The brand new mode, 5v5 arena, is based loosely on the iconic Capture the Flag game mode that sees 2 teams of 5 players fighting for control of several flags scattered across the battlefield.

Unlike the traditional ranking system used in group-based competitive play, Magerealm players partaking in the 5v5 arena mode will be ranked individually based on personal performance. As players accumulate individual wins they will be given a personal rank and unlock new rank titles as they climb the leaderboards. The ranking system in 5v5 arena will be based around seasons, with each season lasting 28 days. At the end of each season players will be rewarded with a 5v5 arena chest, with the rewards scaling based on personal rank and performance throughout that season.

Additionally players can also pick up new 5v5 arena items from a shop, with more powerful and unique options unlocking as ranks increase. For more information check out the official Magerealm website below.

Source: Official Website

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