Get Fit With New Cycling MMO….Yes Really

Have you ever had a loved one complain at your lack of outdoor activity due to your love of the gaming world? Zwift have the answer as the developers announce the closed beta for their cycling MMO, Zwift. The unique concept of Zwift will give cycling fans the opportunity to enjoy the social elements of MMO gaming while supporting innovative technology that offers all the benefits of the great outdoors – with the exception of actually going outside.

As a player in Zwift you’ll be able to race people from around the world in a variety of breathtaking environments, blowing past your rivals and using the in-game voice communication tools to make them aware of your cycling prowess. But where does the fitness come into play?

Well, Zwift supports your bicycle…Yes, your real one. Using speed and cadence sensors players will be able to hook their bike of choice up to the game and have their blood, sweat and tears reflected in the actions of their virtual racer. So while you’re pumping away burning the calories, your character is overtaking other players, enjoying the sights and boasting along the way.

The $10 per month subscription costs will likely put off many an MMO gamer but for those that prefer the allure of exercise, it could be the perfect gateway to the MMO world. That’s if you can afford all the additional equipment. Zwift have opened their doors to 1,000 players for the beta test so if you’re interested, check out the official website.

Source: Engadget

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