Get Showered In Gifts for Playing Digimon Masters Online

Joymax have just announced the contents of a brand new event coming to Digimon Masters Online. The new event will offer brand new players a variety of added incentive to dive into the digital world, making this a perfect time to try the game for the first time, or invite a bunch of friends.

Beginning today new players that enter Digimon Masters Online will be welcomed with a variety of exciting gifts including highly coveted premium shop items. This new incentive means players are able to catch up with their friends, get through early game faster and unlock stronger Digimon quicker. If you join today you’ll receive experience points boosts, added inventory space, increased Digimon carrying capacity., more bank space, healing items and even a level 4 mystery Digimon Egg.

However, Joymax aren’t ignoring current players as there’s also plenty of prizes for veterans of the game. From today until May 7th, every single player can unlock a variety of new rewards simply by playing the game. If you play for more than 33 minutes per day you’ll receive a random Data Box reward. The activity reward incentive continues to grow as you continue to play, giving players the chance to rack up a long list of prizes if they’re able to play for several consecutive hours.

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