Ghost Recon Network app now available

The?Ghost Recon?Network mobile app recently went online, allowing players the chance to get a taste of the kinds of weapons customizations that will be available when the game hits stores later this year.

Each weapon customization, including changing the weapon?s stock, optics, undercarriage, and muzzle, depending on the weapon, changes the attributes of that weapon, allowing players to really customize the weapon and see what it will do for them before using that combination in game.

Currently, the app only sports 5 weapons, which all have their own customization options, though in the future, it will contain every weapon available in-game, boasting over 20 million unique weapons to create. Additionally, players will be able to sync their creations to their console.

Other features of the app will allow players to manage their squad during on the go, as well as checking out multiplayer stats, leaderboards and heat maps to better plan your play. Granted, these will obviously be features we get to see when the game comes out in a couple of months.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?is currently slated for release May 25h on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and June 15 for PC gamers.

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