Tera Open Beta nearly here

Tera, the action MMO from En Masse Entertainment, is finally opening its doors to the public, giving players not only a chance to experience the game, but also allow players to keep the characters they?ve created into the game when it launches.

Those who pre-ordered the game and played in the Closed Beta test get to start on the earlier date, while everyone else starts a day behind. In addition, the pre-order exclusive event will only be running for 24 hours from April 19th, to April 20th, where the rest of the public get to jump in from the 20th to the 23rd. That should be plenty of time for folks to hit level 32, the level cap for the open beta.

Tera is due for launch on May 1st, which isn?t too far away, now. If you?re interested in checking out this game early, head on over onto the Tera website for more details on the game, or go straight to the beta signup page by clicking here.

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