Ghost Recon Phantoms Explodes Onto Steam

The wait is finally over! Today, Ubisoft announced that the highly anticipated rebranding of the F2P third-person shooter MMOGhost Recon Online, is now available on Windows PC and Steam. Ghost Recon Phantoms endured a somewhat bumpy beta with many players expressing their concern regarding a large number of the games features and mechanics but instead of launching an unfinished product with a big name backing, Ubisoft instead decided to overhaul practically every area of the game – and the result, Ghost Recon Phantoms.

Players can expect an entirely reworked new player experience, giving new Ghost’s access to better weapons much quicker than previously possible, opening more areas of the game much sooner. A myriad of new customization options have also been introduced, allowing players to customize weapons and character appearance with the new ModMaster toolset.

Matchmaking, one of the biggest concerns during beta testing, has also seen a complete overhaul. Ubisoft are confident that the new matchmaking system will guarantee a fair gaming experience, regardless of skill or shooting background.

is always
a cornerstone of the distribution strategy of any PC tactical
team-based game like Ghost Recon Phantoms. The additional exposure we
are getting through Steam will further increase our already
5-million-strong user base”
said Corey Facteau, producer.

launch trailer is an accurate portrayal of the new DNA of the game.
Sleeker, more refined and looking better
than ever, it showcases the new character design in a map that our
veterans know very well, the Xinyi District. The intense action sequence
is just a peek into the intense combat of the game and reinforces the
Ghost Recon Phantoms belief that by fighting as
a team, you prevail,” Corey Facteau explained.

The new trailer, which can be seen below, was directed by Patrick Clair – previously working with Ubisoft for Watch Dogs and The Division trailers. Or, for more information, check out our Ghost Recon Online First Impressions video.

Source: Press Release

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