Ghost Recon Phantoms

Ghost Recon Phantoms is the latest free-to-play PC title in the Tom Clancy universe from Ubisoft. In Ghost Recon Phantoms you will become an elite member of the Ghost outfit and use an array of cutting-edge weapons and technology to help your squad dominate the enemy in a futuristic environment.

Many may remember this F2P Tom Clancy shooter under its beta name, Ghost Recon Online. This third-person shooter moved out of open beta for a worldwide release on Steam and PC in April of 2014, with Ubisoft announcing that the name change is due to the significant change the shooter underwent through beta.

Ghost Recon Phantoms allows you to choose from three classes: Assault, Support or Recon, each with completely different play-styles to match the way you like to play. The game is based on its 16-player team-fights, in which you and your fellow Ghosts must work together withing your squads to take out the opponent. That being said, this game places a huge emphasis on team-play, and the teams who work together are generally the ones who end up on top.

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