XAM is a free to play next-generation MOBA game from new developer, LLC AnnGames. The best things about the MOBA is the team-fights, and the team hopes to make the team-fights in XAM as fun as possible. The rounds in XAM last only as long as 10 minutes, and refused to add anything to the game to distract players from the battlefield, like farming, mobs, item management and leveling up.

The basics of the game are extremely simple, you control only your character and your 6 abilities. They use a ground-target system, which means your abilities will not hit the enemies automatically, which means you must plan your attacks and make sure enemies can’t dodge them. In XAM, the skill of the player is the most important aspect, and will be the reason your team wins.

As the game is currently in Early Access, the gameplay and mechanics may change significantly. At the time of this writing the game has 8 characters and 3 different arenas.

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