Global Soccer – New Soccer MMO Available

Online soccer games. Other than the complete fail-fest that is Be A Pro in the online modes of FIFA, there hasn’t really been much for soccer fans to sink their teeth into. There’s very few MMO sports games available and even less aimed specifically towards soccer, but it’s not really hard to see why when players are offered a AAA approach to 10vs10 in FIFA that usually results in 20 Strikers running around on the pitch.

However, there are a few choices for MMO fans that enjoy soccer and that repertoire expands with the recent release of Global Soccer. Previously games such as Power Challenge and Football Superstars cornered the niche, but neither has really managed to be successful in typical MMORPG terms. Players can join other teams that consist entirely of real-life team mates with typical MMORPG character development and improvement options. There’s also plenty of off-the-pitch action as players can explore the city area and perform a variety of interactions with NPC’s and other players.

The game has been available on a beta platform for some time but today marks the official release of the full, free-to-play client for players across the globe. The developers have promised new features will be implemented on a regular basis and the city will see substantial developments in the coming months.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t need to break the bank in order to have a PC that can support the game. The full requirements can be seen below:

Windows XP or higher with DirectX 9.0c,
2GHz or better CPU,
2+ GB RAM,
a graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support.

For more information, or to try the game, head on over to the official Global Soccer website.

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