Gloria Victis NDA Lift On The Horizon

Black Eye Games, the developers of the award-winning Gloria Victis, today posted a new set of patch notes for the latest update to the much anticipated MMO, changes that will pave the way for the lifting of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).,

The NDA is a document signed by all participants during certain stages of pre-release testing – prohibiting individuals from discussing their experiences in the game or sharing media such as videos & screenshots. The lifting of such NDA’s is seen as the first opportunity for the masses outside the game to discover what those with experience feel about the game.

The developers have said that they will soon open a US server prior to a complete server wipe on other shards before finally entering the pre-alpha testing phase and lifting the NDA.

Among the changes are vast improvements to the in-game weather system, smooth terrain, a smoother day & night cycle and improved visuals across the game. For more information check out the full changelog below.

Source: Official Website

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