Gloria Victis Welcomes Biggest Update In The History Of The Game

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis players celebrated the release of the biggest update in the games history recently as developers Black Eye Games introduce a huge array of new content including the debut of a brand new character creation system alongside new character models. Gloria Victis’ latest update also introduces 7 brand new settlements and a new upgrading … Read more

Gloria Victis Welcomes Brand New PvP Map & Global Events

Gloria Victis

Black Eye Games have launched yet another in a long line of weekly updates for the highly anticipated Gloria Victis as the team introduce a huge array of Global Events alongside vast improvements to the PvP system and competitive map. Players will want to pay extra attention to the areas surrounding Twinfall, Leaktown and Audunstede … Read more

Reputation System Overhaul For Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis

Black Eye Games today announced a huge update for Gloria Victis as the team roll out an entirely overhauled version of the Reputation system alongside vast improvements to various combat mechanics and a new take on the Mereley feature. [quote]Another great addition is implementation of the reputation system. Reputation reflects various actions performed by players … Read more

Huge Improvements To User Experience In Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis

Black Eye Games today announced the release of the long awaited update for Gloria Victis, one of the most exciting to date with a huge list of improvements and fixes as well as the debut of the highly anticipated dynamic events system. Players are encouraged to explore the outskirts of Dunfen and Mereley as the … Read more

Gloria Victis Welcomes Combat System Update And World Expansion

Black Eye Games today released an extensive update aimed at improving the competitive combat elements of Gloria Victis alongside huge improvements to the environment including brand new locations and area objects. The Mount and Blade style MMO has already attracted a huge following even in its early stages of development thanks to a skill-based combat … Read more

Pre-Alpha v.0.2.2 Update For Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis received its latest update on the Pre-Alpha journey today as update v.0.2.2 welcomes an exciting array of changes and improvements to many of the upcoming MMORPG’s most popular elements. Among the more noteworthy aspects of the update are improvements to the in-game territory control system that has undergone many minor improvements alongside the … Read more

Gloria Victis NDA Lift On The Horizon

Black Eye Games, the developers of the award-winning Gloria Victis, today posted a new set of patch notes for the latest update to the much anticipated MMO, changes that will pave the way for the lifting of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)., The NDA is a document signed by all participants during certain stages of pre-release … Read more

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is a Fantasy medieval MMORPG currently under development by Black Eye Games. The developer’s focus with Gloria Victis is utter realism, meaning all game mechanics are modeled after real life. The game will feature non target-based combat, meaning players will have to manually aim and time their attacks. There will be a dynamic weather system with seasonal changes. Gloria Victis will introduce players to a rich crafting system with over 10 different professions.

If you’re a fan of lore, there will be over 2000 multi-pathed and non-linear quests spread across more than 16 different zones, allowing players to immerse themselves entirely. The quests and missions place the player in moral dilemmas, with each decision changing how the game progresses (including changes in NPC attitudes toward you).

There will be a strong sandbox PvP element to Gloria Victis, with everything from good ol’ backwoods tussles to epic castle sieges and even knight tournaments. The classless character system will allow players to build and customize their avatar to their own preferences and play-styles, ultimately putting it to the test against other players throughout the world.