Golden Ymir Comes To SMITE

Hi-Rez continue with their weekly Wednesday patch with the introduction of the Golden Ymir skin with the June 12th update. If you’ve been AWOL recently the Gold Skins are a new incentive rewarding players for progressing to Worshiper Rank 1 with a specific God, although they’re pretty expensive. Ranks currently go up to a maximum of level 10 but currently there are no rewards to increasing your Worshiper Rank past level 1.

Accompanying the Golden Ymir skin is a variety of updates to various God’s and the Jungle AI fix. I was surprised to see how many players weren’t aware of the issues with the Jungle Camps, but it was quite a big problem for any God’s with a jump/leap. Performing such an ability during a fight with Jungle Camps resulted in the mobs resetting, a severe problem for God’s such as Neith, who rely on their jump abilities for additional damage or initiation. Another update involving the Jungle is the changes to the recently added Bumba’s Mask. Previously users with the item were able to pass the gold and level of a solo lane, creating an overpowered Jungle role in a game that was never meant to support it.

Ne Zha, Athena, Ra and Zeus have all had some attention this patch with most players concerned as to why God’s like Zeus and Ra needed any more power than they already had.

For the full lowdown you can check the full patch notes.

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