Grand Theft Auto V details leaked

A supposed former Rockstar employee has reportedly leaked information regarding the new Grand Theft Auto V via GameSpot forums. Moderators of the forum did remove the post on the same day, however Ben Miller from the Examiner was able to retrieve the original post.

Among the details posted is that there will be only one main character, Albert De Silva, who was once part of a crime family in Vice City, is looking to settle down in Los Santos. Supposedly, he is the ?rich guy? seen in the Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer, as the man driving the Deceptor (Audi R8).

The map itself is reportedly 5 times larger than that of Grand Theft Auto IV, with the area of Los Santos taking up just under half of the total area. The multiplayer maps will hold 32 people on Playstation 3 and Xbox, and will be similar to Red Dead Redemption in that players will be able to form gangs ranked on reputation. These gangs will have their own territory. Additionally, gangs will be able to do jobs such as robbing shops to stealing weapons from the military base. The gang leader will be able to rank members and and set jobs.

In terms of other gameplay, the ex-employee claimed that planes will be flyable, while cars and guns will be customisable. Police chases will also be more involved, with wanted levels determining how police will chase you. Police may consider crimes in terms of the characters ability to take drugs publicly, which results in a one star level, to speeding which may lead to high speed chases. If the player gets into this kind of situation, radio stations will also be playing correct traffic reports on the in-game phone or radio. Additionally, if you wanted to feel like you were contributing more to the crime world, he also reports that the underworld will have a working economy affected by the purchase and selling of drugs, weapons and illegal cars in the single player mode.

However, he did claim that the game is due in May 2013, with a playable demo in the upcoming E3 conference. In this case, due to the distance of the proposed release date, even if any of these claims are currently true, elements may change by the time the game is released.

As the validity of the ex-employee, who claims to have been fired from Rockstar over misconduct, has not been verified, the details leaked must be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it is entertaining to read, and there is always the possibility that the details may in fact be true. With the claim that a playable demo will be available at E3, these rumours may finally be confirmed or put to rest.

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