GTA Online Has Far Bigger Problems Than Wiped Characters

Rockstar Games continue their efforts to fix the progressively annoying problems associated with the highly anticipated launch of Grand Theft Auto Online; but they’ve got far bigger problems on the horizon. The server problems that plagued the game at launch continue to persist today although with somewhat less severity, but the reports of deleted characters continue to flood in. It has been a week since the official launch and players are still not able to enjoy the game to its fullest but that’s not the only issue facing developers Rockstar Games.

Despite the huge technical issues surrounding the game and the loss of progress reported by thousands, certain players have already completed most of the content on offer. Whether you consider them glitches, exploits or poor design choices, players are able to repeat certain missions to score tons of in-game cash and Reputation Points. Those lucky enough to avoid wipes have been able to purchase the most expensive house, obtain and modify 10 of the most expensive vehicles and reach Rank 50.

Although the maximum level is currently way above Rank 50, there really is little reason to continue playing after purchasing the aforementioned cars and apartments. Rockstar Games have already spent an entire week trying to fix problems just so the majority can play the game but do they have enough content to keep players interested for longer than a few weeks?

A typical MMO launch can see players reaching maximum level in a week or two but the majority feature end-game content that acts as a time sink. Currently Grand Theft Auto Online lacks any serious time sinks, meaning players reaching their goals are left with very little to achieve outside of harassing other players.

Expectations are high, problems are rife and content is slim, can Rockstar Games provide the much needed content before players lose interest?

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