Guardian Of Heaven Joins SMITE Ranks

Hi-Rez Studios today released another update to the constantly expanding SMITE roster with the introduction of the Guardian of Heaven, Nu Wa. Joining the battlefield as a new ranged Mage character Nu Wa joins the conflict with two unique forms and a variety of status effects at her disposal.

In a similar way to Chronos, Nu Wa’s passive ability changes depending on the ability she’s using at the time. Calling upon the elements Nu Wa is able to inflict devastating amounts of damage on her opponents while dishing out large AoE stuns and damaging abilities.

Accompanying Nu Wa in the latest SMITE update are Golden Skins for Thanatos and Zhong Kui, along with a debut skin and voice pack for the new God. For all the changes to God’s, items and mechanics, you can read the official patch notes here. The God reveal video for Nu Wa is featured below:

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