Guild Wars 2 Generates $115.9M In 2013

NCSoft recently published its Quarter 4 report for its financial growth in 2013 with Guild Wars 2 leading the way to an incredibly successful year. All of NCSoft’s most recent titles had a successful 2013 with Lineage showing tremendous growth, Guild Wars 2 raking in over $115 million and the official release of Blade & Soul in China was a massive success.

The company highlighted various points relating to its successful campaign in 2013.

  • Lineage continued to grow in Korea while Guild Wars 2 cemented its place in US/EU
  • Blade & Soul’s Chinese release saw a huge surge in Royaly revenue.
  • End of year sales promotion was highly successful for Guild Wars 2.
  • Guild Wars 2 became the 2nd biggest source of revenue for NCSoft
  • WildStar will launch sometime in 2014
  • Wildstar is expected to launch some time in Mid 2014
With the flood of low quality MMORPG’s on the market today it’s great to see one so deserving of its success getting the credit for it. Have you played Guild Wars 2? What are your thoughts?

Source: Financial Report, MMORPG

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