Guild Wars 2 – Patching Toward Perfection

You know those funny or interesting clips you see online of weird glitches people find in video games? Well don?t expect to see as many of those from Guild Wars 2 anymore. According to the game?s official forums, the MMORPG has been fixed in many areas since its most recent update.
ArenaNet has been hard at work fixing many of the Guild Wars 2 issues. First off, many players will be happy knowing that they won?t run into as many bugs within challenges and events. At the same time many people will be disappointed that they can?t reach areas outside ?playable space?. It?s a bit silly to want to play in a non-playable area, but I?d be lying if I said I never spent time ?glitching? out of levels for entertainment, such as in Halo.
Most notably though may be the changes to character professions, something only thieves and warriors missed out on. The changes included many upgraded attacks that will now posses increased capabilities or less restrictions to perform. Many of the story steps even have updated difficulties. At the same time, players can even expect easier pathways in certain dungeons.
With all the changes coming to individual play, it?s obvious that fans can see an improvement in player verse player portion of the game. Now competitors won?t have to worry about being forced into the auto-balance system that kicks in toward the end of matches. Players are still encouraged to use the auto-balance aspect though, and will be rewarded a winner bonus if they do. With Guild Wars 2 already taking the MMO world by storm, patches are sure to continue chipping away at the games inconsistencies and lead to increased popularity in the future.

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