Ravensword: Shadowlands – Will Be Biggest 3D World For iOS

The popular iPhone RPG Ravensword: Fallen King is about to get it?s long awaited sequel.?Crescent Moon Games recently announced the upcoming release of their game Ravensword:?Shadowlands, due to be available before year?s end. With more than two years spent on the?game?s development, players can expect great things from this installment.

Ravensword: Shadowlands will be the biggest RPG ever released by this developer, so it would?make sense that it promises to bring the biggest 3D world on the iOS to date. The game will?provide hours upon hours of entertainment combining a focused storyline with a plethora of?side quests. Plus, there is sure to be even more enjoyment from players having the option to?customize their weapons, spells and equipment.

Josh Presseisen, the creative director and founder of Crescent Moon Games, stated just this week?that developers are ?finishing up the game now.? Be sure to check out the App Store as the year?winds down for your chance to jump into the a wonderful fantasy world full of endless fun that?ranges from slaying enemies to buying furniture for your own house.

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