Guild Wars 2 Pre-Order Begins April 10th

Guild Wars 2 is coming people!  It is so close we can almost taste it.  The most imminent support of this evidence is that on April 10th, Arenanet will be allowing you to digitally pre-order your copy of this highly anticipated title.  In addition to being one of the first to get the game, you will also get a bunch of cool bonuses, depending on the version you get.  In addition to the bonuses ALL player who pre-order will get access to every weekend beta events leading up to the release.

Here is the page to purchase it that will inevitably crash day 1. The Guild Wars 2 Collector?s Edition will retail at $149.99, the Digital Deluxe at $79.99 and the Standard Edition at $59.99. Players may also pre-order Guild Wars 2 at select retailers, allowing them to reserve their copy of the game at launch. Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2 will receive a one-day headstart prior to launch.

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