Tribal Wars Speed Championships 2012 Begins This Week

Tribal Wars is a free-to-play, browser-based MMO published by InnoGames. This strategy MMO has more than 75 million registered players and is kicking off its Speed Championships for 2012. What are the Speed Championships you ask?  Well, each year teams of 20 players group together and put in charge of a small village which is constantly striving for power and glory.  The goal is to build a strong empire and conquer other villages.  Players must unit with powerful allies to found mighty tribes.  The success is found with finding players that work well with each other in Tribal Wars. Players from all language versions are encouraged to participate, countries taking each other on in fierce battles to win the crown of the championships.

The kick-off for the championship will see the Czech Republic match up against Slovakia, Israel against Romania, and Bosnia Herzegovina against Turkey. The grand conclusion to the first round in the championship will see Germany vs Brazil, a classic from previous lineups. Normally a match in Tribal Wars can last months, or even years, however in the Speed Championships the game has been speed up by 400% to reduce match times to just several hours.

Tribal Wars has a list of all the match-ups for their Speed Championship.

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