Guild Wars 2 – Surmounts European Charts And Scores High With Media

NCsoft, the world?s premier publisher and developer of MMO games and ArenaNet, developer of Guild Wars franchise, have announced that Guild Wars 2 has reached number one in the official charts all across the ten counties of Europe.

The game was released officially as of ten days ago and was keenly awaited by its many fans of the franchise with over a million people logging in during the head start period. Media reactions have also taken a liking to the game as well. The game is receiving top notch marks (10/10, 5/5 FHM) and being saluted as ?easily the new benchmark for MMOs? (Empire), ?redefines the MMORPG genre? ( The game has been flying off of shelves and the Collector?s Edition being tremendously popular.

Guild Wars 2 now reigns at number one in the official “All Formats” charts of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium, which are all considered to be all the major territories within Europe.

Guild Wars 2 offers players

? Dynamic Events: Guild Wars 2 is a living, breathing world where events occur naturally and in response to players? actions. This system fosters cooperation between players?everyone who participates is rewarded, and players begin to naturally cooperate instead of compete.

? Personal Stories: Your deeply customised personal story begins when you first create your character, then twists and turns with each fateful decision you make.

? Action-Oriented Combat: Guild Wars 2 is an action game at heart. Survival in combat is based on timing, skill and movement. Well-timed dodges or combo attacks are integral to any battle. Guild Wars 2 rethinks the outdated class restrictions of other games, giving players the tools and skills they need to play with friends regardless of their class.

? Player vs. Player and World vs. World: Competitive multiplayer in Guild Wars 2 consists of two exciting modes PvP serves up intense small-unit combat that focuses on skill and strategy, not gear. WvW pits entire servers of players against each other in a two-week-long war on a series of huge maps.

?Our games have always been well-received in Europe, but this level of enthusiasm is both awesome and humbling?, said Mike O?Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet. ?It also impresses upon us the responsibility we have to our players and explains why we?ve taken steps recently to constrain sales of Guild Wars 2 to ensure the highest quality of service. Of course, we hope to remedy this in the near future.?

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