Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is the long awaited sequel to the original Guild Wars from ArenaNet. The original Guild Wars wowed players by being one of the only non-subscription MMO?s during the high peak time of World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2 builds on ArenaNet?s thinking outside the normal MMO box by offering features most titles could only dream about.

The lands of Tyria are being run over by dragons which have plagued the continent. Your job as a player is to pick between 5 different races and 8 different professions to create the perfect hero. Each race has a different starting area with tons of quests to partake in. After completing quests in the races homeland players can then go to other areas and partake in a vast amount of quests because of the interesting level system that is in place. Whether you are level 5 or 80 the engine finds a way to keep all areas interesting for all players.

The idea, for ArenaNet, is to bring players together. The sprawling landscapes of Tyria are covered in group events that anyone can take part in. These events can be jaw dropping for first time players that see a giant enemy patrolling the landscape and require everyone in the area to work together to bring them down.

After tackling the storyline of Guild Wars 2 there is an extensive amount of competitive play to move on to. Two different modes, Player vs. Player and World vs World, offer different tiers of loot, gear and weapons for players to work towards. There is literally hundreds of hours of content between the different competitive modes and story gameplay.

Guild Wars 2 is a different kind of MMO. It takes everything that you know and throws it out of the window. Battle mechanics change with different professions and different weapons. The wide sprawling world events are breathtaking and encourage player interaction. Everything about this game makes players want to find the next epic battle in the lands of Tyria.

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