Goodgame Studios – Celebrating A Successful 2012

The developers of Goodgame Big Farm and Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Studios, today released information regarding their most successful year since the companies conception. It wasn’t until mid-December that the company was able to celebrate one of their biggest milestones of the year, attracting their 100,000,000th player, a number that has already increased a further 300,000 in the last month.

December 31st marked the end of one of the most successful years in the companies history, attracting record sales with figures five times that of 2011. The company has also seen a lot of internal growth, increasing its employee base from 300 to 330 by mid-January.

The past year surpassed all of our expectations,? COO and co-founder Dr. Christian Wawrzinek concluded. ?Keeping our expansion sustainable despite its rapid speed is very important to us. Goodgame Studios operates very profitable ? our sales figures and EBIT are growing at a much faster rate than our headcount.?

Goodgame have been catering to the casual crowd over the last few years with titles such as Goodgame Mafia and Goodgame Big Farm, and it’s a recipe that appears to be working for the German based developers. Goodgame Big Farm attracted over one million registered accounts within 6 weeks of launching, making it one of the most successful new titles in Goodgame’s browser-based MMO arsenal.

Dr. Christian Wawrzinek also commented about the future of the company:

?Our analysis-oriented approach, high levels of dedication and the willingness to learn will enable us to stay on the path to success in 2013 ? where, in addition to the expansion of our Internet presence, we are planning the release of several products for mobile devices.?

Casual games aren’t for everyone but if this business report from Goodgame proves anything, it proves that the casual approach to browser-based gaming is still growing.

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