Guild Wars: Winds of Change Info Inbound

Guild Wars 2 may be lurking on the horizon, but that hasn?t stopped ArenaNet from providing the original free MMO with constant content updates. The latest bit of content, a three-part storyline crowned ?Winds of Change,? is nearing its end, with just one more piece of content scheduled for release. This epic arc is designed to close out Guild Wars and set the stage for Guild Wars 2.

The story, which addresses a certain Ministry of Purity and its sneaky manipulation into power, has been running since September 2011. And ArenaNet has promised that more details regarding the legendary conclusion will be available to fans shortly.

Here?s what we know will be in the update already:

  • Nine new quests
  • New story scenes
  • New items


If you want to stay up to date on Winds of Change, keep a close eye on its official page here: Winds of Change. In the meantime, we?ll keep you posted as details emerge.

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