Guns & Robots Introduces Guilds

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Masthead Studios today announced the beginning of Guild Recruitment for their uniquely themed free online shooter game, Guns and Robots. Players have been requesting Guilds since the games original release but the developers chose to hold out until the feature was tweaked and ready. Today marks that date as Player Guilds are now available, bringing with them a host of new communication options and gameplay features.

Guilds are now able to communicate via private message boards, entice members with in-game buffs and join up for some intense group combat. The Guild buffs gives every member of the Guild additional upgrades to enhance the builds of their robots, providing them with the option of choosing extra damage, speed, accuracy or defense. The buffs will last for two days and can be upgraded to enhance its effects further.

For more information on Guns and Robots click here.

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