H1Z1Early Access Will Feature PvE & PvP Restrictions With 150+ Servers

As thousands of fans wait in anticipation for the release of Sony Online Entertainment’s zombie MMO H1Z1, John Smedley took to Twitter to tease taste buds with some information on servers and modes that will be available tomorrow, Thursday 15th.

The Early Access client is scheduled to release tomorrow through Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, although players are still yet to be able to purchase the client to download prior to launch. The game will be free-to-play at release, but the Early Access requires a premium purchase.

Smedley took to Twitter earlier today to provide fans with additional information surrounding the servers on launch day. There will be approximately 150-200 total servers made available for H1Z1, with the initial focus on providing US based servers and spreading to European territories later in the day.

The previously announced Battle Royale mode is expected to be available, alongside PvP and PvP exclusive servers that were both confirmed today. Finally Smedley told fans he would release more information about the specific rules surrounding the PvE and PvP elements in coming days.

Source: VG247

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