Halo 4 to have co-operative, episodic multiplayer

Halo 4’s multiplayer will apparently have direct ties to the story line from the single player mode.  The core campaign features players as Spartan IV soldiers aboard the UNSC Infinity, a vessel that Master Chief will encounter several times.

There will be two types of multiplayer in the game.  The traditional competitive multiplayer that we are used to seeing will be explained as Spartan IV training sessions in the ship’s holodeck.  This mode will include a number of old and new modes.  During these ‘training sessions’ players can apply upgrades and mods while they level up through the ranks.  Spartans will be able to choose loadouts and purchase new gear with earned points.  This mode will also feature other new additions including weapon drops and medals awarded in-match.

Most noteworthy is a new mode called Regicide. In this mode the leading scorer is ?king,? and for each new kill he or she makes, the point value of taking him or her down goes up.

During a recent interview with Game Informer two maps were described ? Wraparound, a Forerunner solar power facility, and Warhouse, a UNSC manufacturing plant of three stories.

The second multiplayer experience in Halo 4 is called Spartan Ops.  It is described as a co-operative mode for up to four players which will be released in weekly installments.  Each week players will gain access to a new cut-scene and group of missions as they explore a story comparable to that of the single-player experience. All updates will be free.

Both multiplayer modes will support drop-in play, eliminating lobby wait times and rage quit issues, and character progression and unlocks will be continuous across both.

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