Hearthstone Mobile Deployment Begins

Blizzard have announced that the critically acclaimed MMOTCG Hearthstone has begun its deployment on mobile platforms, specifically on iPad devices. The game has already been enjoyed by over 10 million people on the PC & Mac platforms and now the Hearthstone community can finally take the battle on the road with the official iOS release in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The iOS and future mobile versions include an identical experience to the PC and Mac platforms, allowing players to utilize the same decks and unlocked cards across all current and future platforms.

Launching Hearthstone in a limited set of countries allows us to focus on the end-to-end player experience and make sure it’s awesome before we move on to the rest of the world. If you don’t live in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you don’t have much longer to wait to get your hands on Hearthstone for iPad—Murloc Scout’s honor.

As stated above, there’s no official date for release in other regions but its something we can expect to see soon. Hearthstone is planned for international release on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Official Website

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