Heroes In The Sky – Intercontinental Occupational War

GamesCampus today launched the second annual US vs. EU Occupational War in their dog-fighting MMO title, Heroes in the Sky. The famous event gives players from across the globe the opportunity to represent their nation in some of the most exciting PvP ever seen in the free-to-play MMO. The event begins today, 11:00 PST and will run through until January 20th.

Based on the infamous World War II era Heroes in the Sky has become one of GamesCampus’ leading MMO titles, even more so after the recent announcement of the upcoming closure of their oriental MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy.

“This event is designed to show our gratitude to all our players who have shown such a deep interest in Heroes in the Sky,” said Michael Walker, Associate Producer at GamesCampus. “We’ve prepared a spectacular event where everyone can participate and enjoy this ultimate battle with friends.”

This is the second annual US vs. EU Occupational War and the first has been widely considered as the most defining point in the games history. The event is available to all players with active accounts and new players can also enjoy the high-octane flying combat. Heroes in the Sky utilizes a powerful matchmaking feature that will help to ensure all battles in the Intercontinental Occupational War will be set on even footing.

For more information or to join the battles in the sky, visit the official website here.

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