MMO of the Year – Voting Begins Today

It seems like there are awards shows for TV and Movies for every category imaginable   I somebody hope to win an award for ‘best computer gaming nerd #3 in an independent film’ at some point in the near future.  The game world is getting in to more of the same with awards shows from IGN and Spike and all those other cool sites that we visit on a daily basis.  

Since we focus mainly on MMO and MMORPG Games this award is more up our alley, and that is the MMO of the Year 2013 voting which is being presented by Game Genetics.  The voting for MMO of the Year 2013 is the 8th iteration of the award and last year’s winners got over half a million visitors and 50,000 votes.  

There are 20 categories to vote on this year, everything from Best Strategy Browser MMO, Best Classic Browser MMO, Best Role-Playing Download MMO, a couple mobile MMO categories and more.  Voting will take place online via the MMO of the Year polling site and will end of February 15th.  

So anyways, if you’re interested in doing a little voting, and helping pick out which games will take home the titles head on over to the MMO of the Year website and enter your votes.

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