Heroes of the Realm – Massive Content Update Incoming

OGPlanet recently announced the massive list of contents in the upcoming January 17th update for their strategy/card MMO hybrid, Heroes of the Realm. Using unique kingdom construction mechanics, combined with RPG elements and card-based hero collecting; Heroes of the Realm is a unique title in a genre filled to the brim with carbon copy MMORTS games.

Today’s update is the first update since the games launch last year; but even when including past updates in the beta period, this is the largest update in the history of the game.

Some of the most exciting features included on today’s update have been highlighted below:

  • 50 all-new Heroes to collect, each with a unique lore, adding to HotR’s intriguing backstory
  • Decimate foes in battle with all-new unlockable Hero Skills
  • New items, including a “New Hero Card” that allows access to one of the 50 new Heroes
  • New “Hero Formula” feature allows players to combine specific Heroes in exchange for a more powerful Hero

Although Heroes of the Realm is home to a variety of truly innovative features; most notably the hugely in-depth hero system, it still lacks in the graphical department which is a problem that plagues the majority of MMORTS titles.

Do you have any experience with Heroes of the Realm? If you’ve never played it check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

Heroes Of The Realm Trailer

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