Digimon Masters – Alphamon Ouryuken Debut

Joymax have just announced that Alphamon Ouryuken, an ultimate form Digimon, is now available in-game for all players to tame and train. In celebration of the New Year, Joymax have introduced one of the most requested Digimon in the history of the free to play MMORPG, Digimon Masters Online; adding to an already impressive list of over 1000 iconic characters from the hugely popular Digimon franchise.

Players can unlock Alphamon Ouryuken by combining the two rare Digimons; Alphamon and Ouryumon, using the recently introduced Jogress system. It’s not an easy feat as players will have to complete a long line of difficult quests in order to obtain the ability to use the Digivolution technique required to Digivolve into Alphamon Ouryuken.

Alphamon Ouryuken, like many other Digimon, is heavily based on a certain element; in this case Light. Its abilities can match even the strongest Digimon in the game, having an intense ball of energy and a massive sword at its disposal.

Accompanying the introduction of Alphamon Ouryuken is a new event that gives current players the opportunity to invite a friend to the Digimon game world, receiving a full set of items required for taming their own Alphamon Ouryuken. An exciting selection of events has also begun including the eagerly awaited double & triple EXP events. For more information on Alphamon Ouryuken, or to join the latest events, check the official Digimon Masters website here.

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