Heroes of the Realm – New Trading Card Strategy Game

OGPlanet and Bluceansoft Corp. have teamed up to announce the latest free to play online multiplayer game.  The game is going to be titled Heroes of the Realm, and it is a new card-based strategy game with unique kingdom-building and RPG elements.  The game will be launching in North America and is OGPlanet’s first browser based title.

Heroes of the Realm will combine key elements from different genres.  You will find simulation and card battle game elements mixed in with a strategy RPG feel to give the game a feel like no other.  Players in the game will build up their kingdoms and amass armies of heroes as they bring glory to Midland, which is one of the three dimensions that have been plauged by a 300 year old war.  In the game you will collect heroes as you expand your kingdom, adding new structures and adding new abilities.  

Key features of the game include over 350 unique heroes to do battle with and collect.  OGPlanet added that more heroes will be added along with content updates.  You have the opportunity to customize your battle formations as well as hero squads in an attempt to maximize your strategy in battle.  There will be plenty of PvP and combat in the Arena and Collosseum.  And since it’s a browser based game, there is no need to wait for a download, just load up and play!

The open beta for Heroes of the Realm will kick off on December 13th and continue until the 17th.  More information can be found on their website!

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