Maestia – Extensive Update Coming

The free to play Fantasy MMORPG Maestia – Rise of Keledus is soon to receive a brand new content update.  This new patch will provide a second raid instance for up to twelve players, a completely redone and updated skill system, and a brand new crafting system that goes along with several new professional fields that players can learn.

There will also be additional high level content that is going to be added for players heading in to the second raid instance.  At the Temple of Cinis, the goal is to defeat the ever so large Nautilus.  Nautilus is a crystal golem that takes four stages in order to defeat.  You and up to twelve of your friends and guild-mates will go up against the golem in two groups.  Once defeated you will gain exclusive titles like “Temple Knight of Ia”, or one of the many new items added in the content update like armor, rings and amulets.

When it comes to the new skill system you will be treated to better adjusted skill trees that go along with your character class.  There are different paths depending on whether you are a Warrior, a Mage, a Ranger or Cleric.

The entirely new crafting system establishes professional fields that relate to your profession.  You can be a weapon smith, an armor smith, or an alchemist.  High level players are especially advised to specialize in one of the new crafting professions because they will be able to create high-quality items for themselves.

For more information, or to play Maestia visit their website.

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