Heva Clonia Online: Episode 2 Release

OGPlanet recently announced the release of Heva Clona Online: Episode 2 and with it, a massive variety of exciting new content. The latest update to Heva Clonia Online, one of the biggest in the games history, brings an array of new features including new regions, dungeons and an increase to the level cap.

The most exciting elements of the update are highlighted below:

  • New Region – An entirely new region has opened giving players the opportunity to explore the majestic new land filled with new dangers and strange creatures
  • New Monsters -The new region of Pirke has introduced tons of new monsters for players to clone and collect, adding one of the biggest array of enemies since the launch
  • Added Quests – The popular story in the world of Aerial continues as players meet new characters and engage in epic story related battles.
  • Increased Level Cap – New monsters, clones, maps and dungeons have been introduced to challenge players at the new level cap of 49
  • New Class Evolutions – New options open for all classes, adding additional advancement choices and skills


Source: Press Release

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