Up To 75% Off Darkfall

Adventurine today announced the beginning of a massive February promotion for the recently relaunched sandbox MMO, Darkfall Unholy Wars. The promotion comes in the form of 3 different package offers for current, past and future players of Darkfall – offering free game time and huge discounts for long-term subscription commitments.

  • Existing Players: Existing players can purchase a 6 month subscription for 45% off, roughly equal to only $8 per month.
  • Past Players: All inactive accounts in good standing have been activated for a weeks worth of free play until February 13th.
  • New Players: All new players to Darkfall Unholy Wars can purchase the full game with a massive 75% discount ($9.95) including the free month of subscription.

There are some minor restrictions in place. Those with black marks on their accounts, for hacking or other negative in-game actions, will not be getting reactivated for obvious reasons. Players with accounts inactive for longer than 3 months will have to contact the developers to get their accounts restored.

Source: Official Website

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