Hi-Rez Studios Address Concerns Surrounding SMITE’s Future

A new Reddit post from the CEO of Hi-Rez Studios is attempting to quash concerns surrounding the future of the popular free MOBA game, SMITE. If you’re a regular SMITE player you’re probably a little confused as to why the community would have doubts about such a popular title but these doubts don’t derive from the game itself; instead they originate in the sketchy past of previous Hi-Rez titles.

The developers have also been responsible for publishing Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend, both of which were well received by critics and the gaming community but neither are considered a success financially. This is the main cause for concern for the players as both games have all but been dumped by the developers, despite several large-scale updates during the early days of post-release.

Smite is one of those rare games that?s actually growing every month,
and is also profitable. This is allowing us to grow the Smite team and
deliver weekly updates and content (from 15 people initially to about
80 people now). In addition, many outside publishers were interested in
Smite and we are fortunate enough to have made a deal with Tencent who
is the most prestigious partner we can have for our type of game.

This information would have probably been better delivered through official forum channels, if they didn’t close them down; but I guess Reddit will have to do for now. Did you have any concerns for the future of SMITE? Or maybe you don’t care at all? Leave a comment below.

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