Hi-Rez Studios Releases New Tribes Ascend Update

Tribes: Ascend is the newest game in the First-Person Shooter series that has been going on since 1998. This new one is all about free-to-play, too! Powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, the game looks better than many of the MMOFPS games you’ll see out there, and it’s even better today with the new open beta patch update for March 20th.

The patch includes new map called Sunstar and a refreshed version of the older map Temple Ruins, both for CTF (Capture the Flag) matches. European and Asian players will get some new server options including region select for London or Amsterdam and Japan or Singapore, respectfully. New HUD enhancements include more detailed reticules and HUD icons, as well as the ability to disable HUD elements in settings. Settings are also now stored server-side, which means some settings may be messed up for this update, but future updates will keep them intact, so just check your settings and you’ll be good for the rest of your playtime.

The last thing is in preparation for the April 12th launch, Beta players who are level 10 or higher will get an exclusive Beta badge for their profile. So what are you waiting for? Go play the game!

Check out the Tribes: Ascend website for more details!

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