Holy King Open Beta Date Announced

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Earlier today Robert Xiao of Perfect World Entertainment announced the official open beta testing date for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG game, Holy King. The open beta will begin for Chinese players starting September 10th, 2013. It’s the latest title to bolster Perfect World Entertainment’s impressive free-to-play arsenal but it’s their first based on such a famous IP, the popular online novel of the same name.

Robert Xiao, Chief Executive Officer of Perfect World:

“Since our inception, Perfect World has been dedicated to providing
players with a wide range of high-quality game products that cater to
their different tastes and various interests. As a fantasy online game,
‘Holy King’ blends various elements that again demonstrate our
commitment to developing proprietary high-quality titles. We are very
excited about the upcoming debut of ‘Holy King’ and hope the game’s
appealing content can bring an unforgettable game world for our

Don’t be surprised if this game has missed your radar as it’s currently being developed by Perfect World China, so coverage here in the West has been slim. It boasts a variety of unique features and mechanics with one being that of the ability to “Swallow”. I assure you, that’s not a dirty joke. Every character in the game is able to swallow almost anything. Enemies, flora and fauna, buildings, islands, NPCs, chances are if you can see it, you can swallow it. All with the aim of strengthening your character.

That feature alone is strikingly unique so if you want to know more, check out the launch trailer below.


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